3 Ways Avalon Maintains a Safe Limousine Service - Avalon Executive Transportation
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3 Ways Avalon Maintains a Safe Limousine Service

3 Ways Avalon Maintains a Safe Limousine Service

With prom night frantically closing in, it’s no wonder why some parents and prom-goers are solely preoccupied with just finding an Indianapolis limousine service that’s available for their desired time frame. But as parents or prom attendees, selecting a safe limousine service in Central Indiana for your prom festivities, should indisputably be your first and highest concern. At Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana, we work tirelessly, revising every safety guideline in connection to riding and operating a luxury ground transportation system, to ensure the safety of our clients is never compromised. Here are a few reasons why Avalon is the ideal safe limousine service for you and yours this prom season.

We maintain rigorous safe limousine service guidelines.

Our safety protocol goes beyond ensuring that the tires on our limousine fleet have the right air pressure and making sure the windows are smudge-free. Avalon vehicles experience rigorous and thorough vehicle inspection, tune-up, and maintenance processes, carried out by a professional vehicle maintenance service. Avalon service vehicles are on a scheduled maintenance routines, to ensure that none of the necessary safety components slip through the cracks and remain unsupervised for an extended period of time.

We foster an environment of skilled, tested, and proven chauffeurs.

We know our chauffeurs very well, and that’s because it is part of our recruitment process to ensure that our drivers are highly-trained, have extensive professional driving experience, have kept a clean and proven chauffeuring record. So you can rest assured that the driver who will be guiding you or your child on prom night is very keen on the responsibilities and the stakes at hand. Our drivers are required to dress presentably, and maintain a courteous and professional demeanor during your service. These protocols are part of why are we are an unmatched safe limousine service in Indianapolis.

We are committed to providing quality event transportation services.

At Avalon we stress that our quality of professional event transportation is a large part of what makes our services different than other private transportation providers. From the moment you place your booking with Avalon, your welfare and comfort from that point on become our top priorities. Whether you’re relying on services for prom, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, wine tours, and more, our standard of service and our commitment to remaining a safe limousine service does not change, by any means.

If you wish to learn more, please feel free to contact Avalon Executive Transportation owner and operator, David Monsey, at (317) 281-7161, our visit our services page.