On time and in style: Let AET be your guide to Gen Con 50 in Downtown Indianapolis - Avalon Executive Transportation
Gen Con 50 is one of the most highly-anticipated events of 2017. Call Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana to learn about our professional event transportation services at (317) 281-7161.  
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On time and in style: Let AET be your guide to Gen Con 50 in Downtown Indianapolis

The 50th anniversary of Gen Con will be held August 17 August 20 at the Indiana Convention Center, Downtown, Indianapolis. This is a high-impact event, lasting all of three days, with gatherings scheduled around the clock, from start to end. Organizers are expecting nearly, if not over, 60,000 attendees in total, making Gen Con 50 one of the most highly anticipated events to be hosted in the City of Indianapolis.

What is Gen Con?

During the annual Gen Con convention, attendees from all over the country are invited to join in a high energy, multi-faceted event organized around the biggest and brightest gaming shows, characters, ideas, and concepts that are revolutionizing the way we interact through modern-day video games and the stories that have sprung from those experiences. Gen Con cultivates a culture in which everyone, from all backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles, can network, make friends, and strengthen their individual skills and join the conversation in interactive classroom settings and forums. Attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favorite gaming characters and enter cosplay competitions where the winner with the best costume will be selected. This and much more are what makes Gen Con one of the most significant events to be hosted in Downtown, Indianapolis this year.

How can Avalon Executive Transportation accommodate me during Gen Con 50?

Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana is committed to serving the Indianapolis and Central Indiana community, by providing its widely-celebrated professional private transportation services and excellent customer service that goes above and beyond. While Gen Con 50 is anticipated to be one of the biggest events of 2017 in The Circle City, Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana will be there with its best foot forward  from our luxurious limousine services to our town car and limo bus options.

The Avalon Executive Transportation service standard and vehicles

Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana provides a high standard of professional limousine services throughout the City of Indianapolis and more. Our ten passenger black limousine is a combination of luxurious features paralleled with professional services from responsive and accurate booking information and confirmation to reliable and punctual limousine service pick up at your desired location, to expert services provided by men and women who are highly-skilled and committed to the providing excellent service. Request our limousine services for Gen Con 50 in Downtown, Indianapolis, HERE
Avalon Executive Transportation is also highly recommended for its luxurious town car services in Central Indiana. From Greenwood to Carmel, and Avon to Greenfield, our town car services are designed to portray comfort, sustainability, and style. It’s the perfect vessel for a weekend of fun for two friends, or a trio. The town car’s ability to weave in and out of traffic easily makes it a favorite among Indianapolis and Central Indiana clients, and maybe the perfect vehicle for your Gen Con 50 experience in Downtown, Indianapolis. 
The best and biggest of the Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana fleet is our black 14-passenger limousine bus. This vehicle is a beacon of professional comfort, horsepower, and reliability. Designed with spacious amenities, the limousine bus comes crafted with multiple drinking stations, leather seating, ample space for standing and lounging, an in-motion flat-screen television, iPod connectivity for epic jam sessions, and premium tinted windows. It is the perfect hub that lends itself to your lasting comfort and relaxing, without having to worry about the who, why, where, and how. Let the Avalon Executive Transportation limousine bus be your vessel to Gen Con 50 this year. 
Lastly, let’s talk service. Avalon Executive Transportation of Central Indiana prides itself on its commitment to providing and maintaining a supreme level of customer service, a reputable record of safe and punctual driving, as well as drivers who are not only committed to your safety and well being, but to providing lasting customer service. 

How do I contact Avalon Executive Transportation?

Visit avalonlimoindy.com to learn more about our wide array of celebrated services, learn about our standard for safety and reliability, as well our eclectic knowledge of the Central Indiana landscape, and learn why we are the right professional event transportation service for your Gen Con 50 experience at the Indiana Convention Center, Downtown, Indianapolis.
For more information, feel free to contact David Monsey, Avalon Executive Transportation, owner, and driver, at (317) 281-7161 or at avalonlimoindy.com